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Slammer Search Assists Friends and Family Members in Finding an Inmate


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Have a family member or loved one who is currently incarcerated somewhere in the U.S and need to find them , there are numerous ways can go about doing this. It is important to know what all of the options are so can increase the likelihood of finding whoever are looking for, because there are many different correctional facilities across the country and millions of inmates.

Bureau of Federal Prisons

The Bureau of Federal Prisons website is one of the best resources on the internet to help people find inmates in federal correctional facilities. Go on this website will be able to search by inmate number of name, allowing to get the information needed. A list of results will appear, including names, age, sex, race, and ID number as well as release date. These result pages also have links to the individual websites of the prisons .

Online County Inmate Locators

There are certain counties across the U.S that have online resources for the explicit purpose of finding inmates. These websites typically allow users to search by inmate ID number or name (first and last required). While some of these websites can be excellent for finding inmates, they are limited to county jails.

Slammer Search

The website Slammer Search is one of the best websites for those who want to find an inmate . Those who go on this website can search by name and/or location to help narrow down the results. One of the reasons why Slammer Search is widely regarded as the best resource on the internet for finding inmates is because of its extensive database and accuracy.

Slammer Search allows users to find inmates in county jails, federal prisons, and state prisons. Anyone who is looking for the fastest and most efficient way to go about finding an inmate somewhere in the U.S will definitely want to look into this website. Many of the online resources for finding inmates are limited, ineffective, and even cost money. Slammer Search is a free-to-use website for those who want to get back in touch with someone who is current incarcerated in a correctional facility of some kind. With one of the largest databases on the internet, it can definitely be a useful resource.

About Slammer Search
Slammer Search is a complete prison and jail search system to locate prisoners and inmates. Slammer Search has access to entire federal, state and city/county jails. Use the free search tool to locate a family member or friend with one simple search. It’s easier than ever to locate a person in the U.S. prison system.