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Slavic Beauty Introduces 500L/H Stainless Steel Cream Separator

Slavic Beauty has launched its new cream separator which helps to separate the cream from the milk. This is designed to be used in a dairy farm to prepare amazing homemade cream. People are developing more interest in homemade cream now-a-days. This 500L/H stainless steel cream separator is a new addition to the line of small cream separators Slavic Beauty offers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Slavic Beauty is again on limelight with its new cream separator. People are gaining more and more interest today in homemade cream. This is possible as a result of the instruments those are helpful in extracting the cream form skimmed milk. The cream later is used to make different milk products such as butter, yogurt, sour cream, cheese. Slavic Beauty small cream separator has innumerable features and is very durable and resilient at the same time. This tool is mainly for those who want to make their own cream at home in an easy way.

Slavic Beauty has already earned its reputation as a seller of some of the best cream separators in the market. Their new product 500L stainless steel cream separator is another product in the same category which is trending well in the market and is successful in holding up the standard of Slavic Beauty. Making cream from skimmed milk is now easier with this new separator.

The 500L cream separator complies with Grade A requirements and is designed for use in mini dairy production as well as for the home. You can hook the device straight to the pipeline, milk pasteurizer or milk tank for direct milk finding from the closed container.

According to the regulations, milk processed using an open bowl milk feeding can not be resold and cannot be used for making butter or cheese for sale. 500L cream separator with its direct milk feeding and food grade stainless steel parts can be used for small dairy production for future resale of products.

500L/H dairy separator works great with milk from cows, goats and sheep.

Katerina Luniova, owner of Slavic Beauty said of the new 500L/H cream separator, "This new 500L cream separator can extract near about 120 to 150 gallon of cream within one hour and fulfill the users need faster. The stainless steel construction makes the separator very efficient and durable."

Slavic Beauty is offering 1.5 year warranty on the product and its replacement parts too. This is no doubt an industrial level machine but made for home use.

About Slavic Beauty
Slavic Beauty is the official representative of Motor Sich Cream Separators in the USA and the EU. The company has been in business since 2003. Svavic Beauty ships their cream separators and spare parts from Benzonia, Michigan by UPS ground to customers in the USA and Canada. Worldwide shipping is available.

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