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Sleep Aid Tools Proven to Help Fight Insomnia


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- With millions of Americans (and all over the world) suffering from the infamous sleep disorder known as insomnia, scientific and creative minds are constantly churning out ideas on how to beat this problem. Depending on the identified cause of sleeplessness, various sleep treatments have been developed and a multitude of sleep aid tools have been invented, all of which are aimed at improving the quality (and quantity) of sleep that a person gets.

Insomnia caused by poor diet calls for a lifestyle change, particularly on the person’s eating habits and the type of food that he or she eats. People suffering from stress-induced insomnia, on the other hand, are prescribed medication, behavioral therapies, or simple relaxation techniques to overcome the root of the problem. There are even sleep aids that can be worn around the wrist, or placed around pulse points to regulate blood flow and circulation, promoting sleep. Insomnia that is caused by a variety of environmental factors such as lighting and loud noise is solved by making the necessary changes in the bedroom, or the exact location where sleep takes place.

In the case of insomnia brought about by high temperatures, many sleep aid tools have also been developed, and one of the most current (and popular) ones is the cooling pillow. The latest cooling pillows now boast gel technology to produce that soothing, cooling effect. PolarGel Pillow was designed by New Home Innovations to have the latest cooling gel technology to guarantee results.

Does the PolarGel Pillow, and other cooling gel pillows for that matter, really work? The PolarGel cooling pillow’s gel technology eliminates the need for constant flipping throughout the night just to find a cool spot. Body heat is absorbed and evenly dispersed throughout the pillow, which measures 12” x 22” – bigger and wider than one's average cooling pillow!

Admittedly, PolarGel Pillow, which one can purchase off Amazon, does not come cheap. While it is true that there are cheaper options out there, New Home Innovations puts emphasis on reliability, durability and performance for every PolarGel Pillow they manufacture. Cheap cooling pillows can provide relief but, more often than not, the relief is temporary and they would not last a long time. Invest in a quality cool gel pillow; it may be more expensive by several dollars, but one can benefit in the long run, with the lasting relief that one seek.

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