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Diet Doc Creates New Sleep Support to Aid the Company's Best Weight Loss Plans

Diet Doc has created new Sleep Support to help balance sleep hormones and metabolism naturally, giving patients a chance at their best weight loss to date when used with a comprehensive Diet Doc diet plan.


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- Sleep plays an incredibly, often unrecognized, role in weight loss. Studies show that a lack of adequate sleep can detrimentally impact both metabolism and how the body stores fat, as well as be the cause of late night hunger. More hours awake intrinsically means more time to feel hungry. To encourage dieters to get sufficient sleep, Diet Doc has created new Sleep Support, a sleep aid that naturally balances the body's sleep hormones and allows the body to reset overnight. Without adequate sleep, dieters can expect to lose less weight, or even gain weight. New Sleep Support, when coupled with a Diet Doc diet plan can provide dieters with their best weight loss, as this plan has helped most shed a much as 20 pounds per month.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet suggests that loss of sleep, or lack of adequate sleep, may detrimentally affect metabolism as well as increase hunger. During dieting, this double whammy has a serious impact on the body's ability to lose weight.

Sleep loss has been found to increase the release of cortisol in the body, a hormone that regulates appetite. This increased cortisol leads to increased hunger, even if food intake is adequate. Cortisol also increases fat storage, particularly in the belly. Sleep loss can affect the body's ability to process carbohydrates, leading to increased blood sugar levels, and if left unaddressed, obesity and insulin resistance.

Fortunately, the experts at Diet Doc have addressed this crucial, often overlooked, step in the diet process. New Sleep Support is formulated specifically to help with sleep, which can actually become scarcer during low carbohydrate diets. Getting enough good quality sleep is critical to be able to lose weight effectively. Sleep Support is formulated specifically for Diet Doc patients engaged in a weight loss diet, and has natural ingredients for the utmost safety and effectiveness. This sleep aid contains the natural sleep hormone melatonin, along with 5 herbal extracts to promote relaxation and a more restful state, providing the foundation for dieters to receive their best weight loss while on a Diet Doc diet plan.

When coupled with a Diet Doc medically supervised diet plan, dieters are discovering that the best weight loss does not come in a bottle, but is a delicate balance of calorie and nutrition intake, expert medical guidance, powerful diet aids like new Sleep Support or Diet Doc's hormone treatments, and a compassionate support team available to lend a helping hand throughout the weight loss process. Diet Doc's new Sleep Support is simply another brick in the foundation of the nation's best weight loss plan, addressing one of the most common reasons for diet failure -sleep hormone imbalance-, yet one that often goes overlooked by other diet plan providers.

As for the best weight loss available, new Sleep Support can be taken as part of a comprehensive Diet Doc weight loss program, or used in conjunction with any other of the company's prescription and non-prescription diet aids to aid clients in weight loss.

Clients who decide to begin losing weight with Diet Doc's best weight loss plans can expect to see fast and effective results with little to zero side effects. A recent in-house survey shows that an overwhelming majority of patients have successfully reached their weight loss goals and report experiencing no adverse side effects like uncontrollable hunger or cravings. Coupled with Sleep Support, the body is balanced and sleep hormones are naturally available, removing one more variable that often hinders weight loss.

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