Sleepace Has the Cure for People Who Lose Sleep Night After Night

Sleepless Nights Are Solved Thanks to RestOn: A Non-Wearable Smart Device That Truly Understands And Improves Sleep.


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2014 -- In the modern age where wearable technology is all the rage comes non-wearable technology that solves a problem over 70 million Americans struggle with every night; getting a good night’s sleep. RestOn tackles the ever-elusive problem that has been vexing scientists for years; why don’t more people get the sleep they need?

RestOn is a smart device that monitors, tracks and analyzes sleep quality. It is non-wearable and user-friendly. With its medical-grade sensors and patented structure, RestOn accurately measures sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement and sleep cycles. Through an automatically synced Bluetooth connection, the Sleepace App analyzes the subject’s sleep data, and provides professional, easy-to-apply guidance to help people get a good night’s sleep every night.

After accumulating this critical sleep data, RestOn proceeds to remind people exactly what they need to do to get the very best night of sleep possible each and every day. This happens thanks to personalized daily reminders sent to the user intended to help them develop healthier sleeping habits. Using the RestOn is like having a personal sleep consultant on hand 24x7.

Going beyond being a daily coach, those that suffer from sleep deprivation will benefit from the RestOn’s weekly and monthly sleep quality reports which contained extensive details and data to help people understand how they can make a good night’s sleep even better. The unique FamilyCloud feature allows users to check their family’s sleep data and share their own sleep data with friends and loved ones.

RestOn’s patented MagneticLockTM design seamlessly attaches the device to the bed sheet. By simply laying the sensor band under the bed sheet and then covering the base with the magnetic lid, the device turns on and is ready to be used. RestOn boasts a wireless and button-free design to offer users an unrivaled level of comfort and convenience. A single charge can reliably deliver a full month of sleep monitoring, so users can rest without worrying about having to turn the device off and on.

Crowdfunding is sought to perfect the sensors and the Sleepace app with an eye on mass-distribution that could enable hundreds of millions of people all over the world to get a better night’s sleep.

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