Slick Chicks Crowdfunding Campaign Hits 30% of Funding Goal in Just Ten Days

Women Everywhere Are Getting On Board for Panties in Tune With the Challenges of Daily Life.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2016 -- There are countless options when it comes to a lady's unmentionables. None of them elevate a woman's confidence like product line of panties by Slick Chicks. Their goal is to provide a convenient, functional and attractive underwear solution for every woman. By supporting their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, backers are helping Slick Chicks to empower women everywhere.

Panties have always been a staple in any woman's wardrobe. The act of putting on and taking them off has been the same - until now. Slick Chick's is more than just another pair of panties; it's a solution to a problem that women face every day.

That's because Slick Chicks offers an easy way to change in and out of their panties without worrying about a possible allergic reaction or what a good joke at a bad time can do to a pregnant woman. Expectant mothers in the later stages of their pregnancy have developed an understandable fear of a sneeze or a laugh and the "stress leakage" that could ensue.

Women of all kinds and at all ages will see a big boost in the quality of their life thanks to the thoughtful design and sensible approach to women's panties that makes it easy slip a pair on or off after surgery, with chronic back pain, during pregnancy or any other condition that restricts full range of motion and mobility. Women who have faced these challenges know all too well how extremely daunting and at times embarrassing this seemingly simple daily task can be. Slick Chicks eliminates this problem and gives women their confidence back.

So How Does a Pair of Panties by Slick Chicks Work?

They turned female frustration into woman wonderment thank to a superior design with convenience in mind. With a hook and eye fastener on either side of the waistband, Slick Chicks allows ladies to slip a pair of their undies on and off without ever lifting a foot. The wearer need only unhook the fasteners standing, sitting or laying down and slip into a fresh pair just as easily.

Slick Chicks has their production team lined up and ready to go, but as a start-up they need to guarantee certain production minimums required by their vendors. That is what motivated them to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a modest $15,000 funding goal.

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About Helya Mohammadian
They say that necessity is the mother of invention and this certainly proved itself true for Slick Chicks Founder and Designer, Helya Mohammadian. Nearly all women, herself included, have found themselves in similar predicaments. Whether it was after an intense sweat session, a time-of-the-month mishap or just needed to freshen up—every women in the world has been there. After her own experience of needing to change her post workout underwear in a rush, she turned her frustration into inspiration: Asking herself "What if there was an easier way?" she went right to work. After tons of research and volunteering friends and family to test multiple prototypes, she finally developed a product that was comfortable (and above all functional) for women in all walks of life. And so Slick Chicks underwear was born.