Slimmers Expert Announces Ways to Avoid Weight Loss Surgery Complications with Release of Phen 375 Fat Burner Reviews


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Slimmers Expert is a leading online provider of reviews for various weight loss supplements, diets and other weight loss methods. The website is helpful to anyone who is searching for answers to their questions about weight loss. The site provides diet plan and supplement evaluations, with side by side comparisons of several top weight loss products, as well as articles with helpful dieting tips and weight loss product recommendations. The company is pleased to announce the release of its latest fat burner review, Phen 375, which can help men and women who wish to lose weight without the cost and potential pitfalls of weight loss surgery.

Slimmers Expert is a website that is beneficial for anyone who is searching for comprehensive information on a wide range of weight loss products. The site offers side by side comparisons of many of the top weight loss products and supplements as well as providing helpful, educational articles and reviews about various compounds that are purported to support weight loss. The site also offers a newsfeed with the latest breaking news and announcements related to the weight loss industry.

The weight loss industry is worth over $40 billion USD each year in America alone, with all of the advertising, products and claims on the market, it can be difficult to know how to choose the best product for weight loss. This is especially true since there are so many self-reported weight loss and fitness gurus and other celebrities that may be paid endorsers for certain products.

The website seeks to help dieters and anyone that is interested in fat burning, muscle sculpting, weight loss, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle efforts to know more about the weight loss and fat burning diets and products that are available on the market so that they can make a more informed choice before they spend their money on a specific product. With this information, those who are interested in losing weight can see what means other than weight loss surgery is available to help them in their weight loss efforts. While weight loss surgery is certainly a popular weight loss option, it is not without potential complications, including mortality. By providing helpful diet and weight loss product comparisons and reviews, the website is quickly becoming a well-known resource for dieters and fans of healthy nutrition and exercise.

The site provides reviews and comparisons of popular weight loss supplements such as Phen 375, Capsiplex, Nuratrim, Raspberry Ketones, Acaiplus, African Mango, Meratol, Fenburn, Green tea and more.

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