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Slimwave Brings an Exclusive Range of Products to Lose Weight Effortlessly


Quebec, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Slimwave Inch Loss greets customers online to make the most of the whole new range of slimming solutions. Interested customers can browse online the latest offerings in slimming treatments at

Slimwave Inch Loss is the first of its kind sliming center in Canada. This renowned slimming facility is located in the heart of Quebec City and it offers various electro muscle stimulation equipment to ensure firm, toned and tightened stomach, thigh and hips which results into immediate and amazing inch loss. Many clients have experienced an increased energy level soon after a 30 minutes session carried out at Slimwave Inch Loss. This is due to the electro muscle stimulation treatments that encourage the lymphatic system of the body to remove excess toxins and fluids from the body.

Being one of the leading electro muscle stimulation suppliers, Slimwave makes the best use of EMS technology to create slenderness, firmness, inch loss and strength. The treatment further stimulates the process of toning and the natural fat burning of the body so that the customers at Slimwave can enjoy lean, firm and healthy body.

The infratherapy is another top notch slimming solution that is performed at Slimwave. Infrared blankets are used to carry out infratherapy which is applied to repair damaged tissues, reduce weight, and remove cellulite and to treat those who suffer from chronic pain and stress. The benefits of undergoing infratherapy are detoxification, cellular treatment, muscle pain relief, weight loss. Infratherapy also helps in reducing fatigue and stress and boosts the immune system of the clients.

The facial toner treatments at Slimwave Inch Loss are celebrated among the customers. These are essentially micro current facials that utilize EMS technology to eliminate ageing signs. Customers can notice visible enhancement to their appearance as these facial toner treatments firm, condition and tone sagging facial muscles and remove line and wrinkles.

Slimwave Inch Loss boasts of top quality professional weight loss equipment like the sliming machine which is lightweight and small and can fit in any place. This equipment executes flawless electrotherapy slimming treatments to provide clients with benefits like increased muscle formation, increased endurance and strength and correction of muscular imbalance. To experience the benefits for yourself, the team at Slimwave Inch Loss welcomes you to try any of the EMS slimming machines and see the result yourself.

About Slimwave Inch Loss
Slimwave Inch Loss is one of the most reputed and popular slimming establishments based out of Quebec, Canada. This slimming center has been providing real and proven results to its clients over the years. For more information, visit

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