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Slot Machine App SpinNStop Slots Trends in over 21 Countries Two Days After Its Release


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- SpinNStop Slots, a newly-released slot machine app, is already creating quite a buzz among fans of this type of game. Just two days after it was released, the creator of SpinNStop reported that the app was trending in the Google Play Store in over 21 countries. This led to a near-tripling of daily downloads.

For people who love the excitement of slot machines, SpinNStop is an extremely enjoyable game. While traditional slot machines require players to push a button and wait—which is not always terribly exciting—the SpinNStop free app allows players to stop each spin whenever they want. This is the first time that a slot machine app has let players take control of every spin and their odds of winning.

“Spin N Stop Slots is the most engaging slot machine on the market and the toughest Leaderboards around,” an article on the Google Play Store’s website noted, adding that the free slot machines app also contains a Tic Tac Toe minigame and a “Spin the Roman Wheel” minigame.

“You don't just tap to spin. You tap to spin and stop it when you feel lucky.”

Featuring professional and eye-catching high-definition graphics and music from five international locations, it is easy to see why the new free slot machine app is catching on so quickly with players. The app also includes new slot machines that players can work to unlock, different and exciting themes including racing, Egyptian and Jurassic Park, and a bonus random box minigame every 50 spins.

The Google Play Store website is quickly filling up with positive reviews from players who have given SpinNStop Slots a try.

“This game is epic the machines are really top notch. Download it you won't be disappointed,” wrote Dave G. in a review.

Anybody who would like to try out the new SpinNStop Slots app is welcome to visit the Google Play Store website at any time; there, they can click on the “Install” button to download it at no cost.

About SpinNStop Slots
SpinNStop Slots is a newly-released free app that allows fans of slot machines to enjoy playing one of their favorite games any time they wish. In less than a year, the creator of SpinNStop Slots has developed and launched over six apps. As a big fan of casinos, the app inventor caters to the casino markets as much as possible. In addition to casino apps, the maker of SpinN Stop Slots also creates tool and utility apps like flashlights and compasses. For more information, please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=slot.game.progressiveslotmachine