Slow and Sluggish QuickBooks Performance Could Be the Result of a Database Chock-a-Block


Brandon, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2019 -- QuickBooks' performance is widely dependent on the amount of cache memory vailable in the QuickBooks database. "To put it simply, the more memory made available in the database server, the better its performance," E-Tech's Technical Services Manager, John Rocha said.

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Apart from sluggishness, the QuickBooks system could also give rise to errors such as the QuickBooks Error 1014 Rocha said. This error is directly related to problems in the cache, where you will find QuickBooks taking more time to open company files, or company files hanging up in multi-user mode.

"You may also find your computer periodically freezing for a few seconds at a time," Rocha said.

The default initial cache size is computed based on the amount of physical memory, the operating system, and the size of the database files. The QuickBooks database server automatically adjusts the cache size as necessary. There are two methods by which you can cause QuickBooks to use an optimal amount of cache: setting up cache settings using the QBW.INI file, and setting up cache using the registry.

QuickBooks's registry setting allocates the amount of memory that is allocated to an open QuickBooks file. For older versions of QuickBooks, the default size is 128MB for the minimum amount, and 256MB as the maximum amount. By changing the values in the registry setting, you can increase the database cache settings.

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