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Slurry Pumps Market to Grow at a Significant Pace over 2025

Furthermore, many key participants are expected to expand their sales channels in the MEA region, which would trigger growth of the slurry pumps market in this region.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2018 -- A slurry pump is a hose pump, centrifugal pump or a lobe pump employed for the hydraulic transport of slurry in various industries. Though many different types of pumps are used for the transportation of slurry, centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used slurry pumps. The rotating impeller of a centrifugal slurry pump provides the necessary kinetic energy to the slurry for transportation.

A centrifugal slurry pump consist of an impeller, a bearing assembly, casing, drive and sealing arrangement. Slurry pumps can either be installed vertically or horizontally. Most horizontal slurry pumps have dry installations. Moreover, in certain applications where the slurry level is fluctuating, wet installation of slurry pumps is preferred.

The impeller and inside of the casing of a slurry pump are always exposed to the slurry, due to this, material selection for such components is an important aspect while designing slurry pumps. Hard metals, such as alloys of steel and white iron are extensively used as wear materials along with elastomer linings. Furthermore, sometimes ceramics are also utilized as wear resistant materials for slurry pumps.

Slurry pumps are selected on the basis of size, shape and density of slurry particles, head needed to be developed, nature of liquid to be pumped and the industrial application in which the pump is to be employed. Slurry pumps find use in many industrial applications, such as pumping of grinding circuits and froth in the mining industry and sand transportation in the construction industry.

Technological advancements have led to the development of many compact slurry pumps that are simple in design. This has increased the adoption of slurry pumps in many industries, thus promoting the expected growth of the slurry pumps market during the forecast period. Introduction of vertical slurry pumps, which can be used for froth pumping, is expected to trigger growth of the slurry pumps market. Moreover, slurry pumps are employed in many industrial applications, such as coal washing, effluent handling, fly ash pumping, bottom ash pumping and pumping reactor feed.

This further supplements the expected growth of the slurry pumps market over the assessment period. Additionally, attributing to their heavy designs slurry pumps suffer less damage to cavitation as compared to process pumps; this could act as a driver in further augmenting the slurry pumps market over the forecast period. Increasing applications of heavy duty and severe duty slurry pumps in the mining industry further supports growth of the slurry pumps market over the assessment period.

The operating cost of slurry pumps is high as compared to other conventional process pumps; this will have a negative impact on the expected growth of the slurry pumps market. Moreover, slurry pumps sometimes have problems related to cavitation, this decreases the efficiency of the pumping system; thus limiting the application of slurry pumps in few areas. Furthermore, the low service life of slurry pumps in mining industry applications restrains growth of the slurry pumps market.

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Attributing to increasing urbanization in the Asia Pacific region, the construction industry in the region is expected to grow substantially over the assessment period. This will supplement the expected growth of the slurry pumps market in the Asia Pacific region. Moreover, the slurry pumps market shares a synergic relationship with the mining industry.

With depletion of natural resources, process volumes for mining industries of North American and European region are expected to increase substantially, this would increase the demand for slurry pumps in these regions over the assessment period.