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Small and Large Companies Seek Outsourcing Help, Advice from ManufacturingSourcing.com


Princeton, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2011 -- In an increasingly integrated world, pressures on companies to keep business costs low has lead to an increase in outsourcing goods and services to the best supplier, wherever they may be located. However, there are quite a few barriers to overcome when looking to outsource a company’s products or services. Language and cultural differences, quality and reliability of manufacturing, costly business trips, international currencies, and beneficial contract terms are just a few.

Manufacturing Sourcing is a comprehensive online information resource providing companies large and small with the tools they need to outsource their goods and services to more cost-effective suppliers worldwide. The site addresses potential issues companies may encounter throughout the outsourcing process and how to overcome them; the best way to deal with pricing and currency changes; how to maintain quality control; solutions to importing and shipping; custom manufacturing and much more. The site also offers a detailed glossary of common sourcing terms, as well as information about China sourcing and Asian manufacturing.

The explosion in outsourcing manufacturing and services is a testament to its cost advantages. However, finding the right manufacturer and overcoming regulatory, cultural and other hurdles makes it difficult to take advantage of the world’s best manufacturing. Manufacturing Sourcing helps businesses with their extensive expertise and experience.

According to ManufactureSourcing.com, “We give you the tools to avoid expensive business trips you would otherwise need to make while helping you locate an appropriate manufacturer, negotiate contracts and arrange shipping. You can relax and be assured you will be able to handle things in a professional and efficient manner.”

One of the biggest hurdles businesses have to overcome in beginning the process of outsourcing is understanding the industry terms and practices. Manufacturing Sourcing provides detailed explanations of everything from outsourcing strategies and outsourcing to Asia to country of origin markings, as well as terms such as Free on Board or FOB, and more.

With the right knowledge about outsourcing manufacturing and services, companies can save money not only on the products and services themselves, but on the time it would have taken to produce or perform them.

About Manufacturing Sourcing:
Manufacturing Sourcing is a U.S. registered LLC providing information on factory-direct manufacturing, sourcing and outsourcing services to businesses small and large throughout the world. The company’s expertise and experience in the industry serves as a platform for businesses to learn the most cost-effective means of outsourcing worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.ManufacturingSourcing.com