Small Business Leaders Are Turning to the Whiteboard Shop for Their Quality Whiteboards

The Whiteboard shop has become the leading online store for affordable whiteboards that come with free delivery.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Whiteboards have become a huge part of the business environment, from small businesses to large corporations, and according to a recent report one of the first items a business buys is a whiteboard. With the reputation of the Whiteboard Shop (, and their low prices and free delivery, they have become the leading online supplier of quality whiteboards.

The Whiteboard Shop which sells all types of whiteboards from, Magnetic Whiteboards, Mobile Whiteboards, Coated Steel Magnetic Whiteboard, Vitreous Enamel Steel White Board, Mobile Magnetic Teaching Pivot Writing Boards, to Telescopic Magnetic Easel & Writing Board, are offering free delivery on all of their whiteboard products.

A spokesman for the Whiteboard Shop said: “We as a company cannot believe why online stores charge for the delivery of items. It not only increases the price of a product but it simply does not make sense to charge someone delivery to buy a product.”

According to The Whiteboard Shop, all online stores should stop charging for delivery, as it is unfair to the consumer to pay for an item that has been bought online. It is not only the Whiteboard Shop who feel delivery charge is unfair, according to a recent news article, some consumers are now moving away from buying online due to the added cost of delivery and instead visiting a rival business instead.

The online whiteboard retailer ( who sells their whiteboards to consumers, businesses, schools and hospitals has become one of the most recommended suppliers of whiteboards, due to their fast and free delivery and their low prices.

With the Whiteboard Shop passing on their savings to the consumer, they are able to sell their whiteboards at a much lower price than most of their rivals. This allows consumers to buy a quality whiteboard with a full guarantee at a much more affordable price.

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