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Citi Wide Merchant Funding Annouces Holiday Inventory Financing

Citi Wide is announcing a special holiday financing program for small businesses.


Amityville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2011 -- Citi Wide Merchant Funding has begun a trial holiday financing program for small businesses. This program is intended to ensure that small businesses have the working capital to maximize your holiday season. “As the holidays approach businesses have found a difficult credit environment hindering their ability to acquire inventory for holiday sales” says Kris Sands, President of Business Development at Citi Wide Merchant Funding. “This program offers a lower cost of capital then traditional credit lines so that merchants can boost their end of the year bottom line.”

Because of time constraints the application process has been simplified and streamlined so that small businesses can receive funding in a timely fashion. While the application process for a small business loan from a retail bank can have a time-frame of several months, Citi Wide Merchant Funding can provide working capital approvals within 2 days and funding within a week. To apply for this small business loan please visit our website or call us at (631)608-2811.

About Citi Wide Merchant Funding
Amityville, New York based Citi Wide Merchant Funding, INC is a provider of small business financing to small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. Our programs are individualized to the capital needs of each business. Since 2007 Citi Wide has funded millions of dollars to businesses underserved by traditional banks. Click here to learn more about small business financing.