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Small Business Online Coach Announces Its Social Media Marketing Service


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Small Business Online Coach (SBOC) ( is announcing publicly today its social media marketing services, which includes LinkedIn profile optimization, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ marketing services.

Matthew Hunt, the "head coach" of SBOC, was asked recently about the social media marketing service. "Since we are a social media marketing company, we consult with online businesses frequently to help increase their website traffic. We focus a lot of our attention on small businesses since they typically struggle to rank higher in the search engines and without this, they can never truly grow. If no one can find a website, it doesn't matter how user-friendly or pretty the site is, there will be no growth."

Mr. Hunt was asked about social media marketing. "Social media is a very large community of online users. Statistics don't lie, some 800 million users or 66 percent of adults who are online use Facebook, 200 million users or 20 percent of adults that use the Internet use LinkedIn, 16 percent of adults online use Twitter, and 12 percent of adults online use Pinterest. This is a lot of people that make use of social media, which is why social media marketing is such a needed service, it is a way to get targeted traffic to a website."

"Since social media websites is one of the largest areas online where people spend their time, it makes sense that it will also be where these users get news, entertainment and products. Promoting a url or a website that is shared among friends and contacts all help to increase website traffic to promote the online business", Mr. Hunt added.

Another question was posed about the LinkedIn optimization. Mr. Hunt replied, "One of the great aspects of LinkedIn optimization is it is very simple. Up until 2001, Google had a very easy way to get a website indexed, keywords were in articles or brief summaries and Google crawled the Internet, found it, and the site ranked higher. Since 2001, Google has changed their algorithms so that it makes optimization for regular websites more challenging since it has changed the rules so much over the years. However, with LinkedIn optimization, it is still quite simple and very much like it was in 2001 for Google to index the site with simple keyword usage. This makes it a great tool for higher Google rankings and more website traffic."

SBOC has answered the call of local search marketing services for small businesses. This helps give more exposure to small local businesses when users search Google. "Yes, this area has grown leaps and bounds and continues to do so. Many people use Google and look for local businesses. For instance, a user might type in "hardware stores in a particular zip code" and Google will display results that are closest to the zip code. Local search marketing is where we see a lot of demand at SBOC. This has helped us aggressively grow as a company", said Mr. Hunt.

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Small Business Online Coach was founded in 2010 and specializes in Internet marketing consulting for small businesses and Internet marketing services. When the company opened, it had no clients and quickly gained more than 100 clients in approximately one year.