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Small Businesses and Offices Increase Recycling and Move Beyond Paper, Trend Shows

Office recycling is something that has been picking up pace over the last decade or so, the idea that you don’t have to just dispose of old office stationery and equipment – you can recycle them to help save the environment and even get paid while you’re at it. This was the focus of a recent study by tech blog


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Tech blog recently released results of a study about office recycling. Recycling in the office is a practical subject that many businesses are taking very seriously. It starts with the little things like shredding waste paper to sell to the local paper mill instead of just throwing it in the trash or incinerating it. According to a recent survey by, most businesses feel there are organizational, environmental, productivity and financial gains to be realized from regular office recycling.

Aside from helping to save the environment and also generating a return for the business, recycling of old office equipment such as printers (used for flyer printing, poster printing, vinyl banners printing, yard sign printing, etc.) and other office machines also creates a number of internal advantages and opportunities for businesses including revenue generation, eco-friendly office layouts, energy-saving policies and extension of returns on investment in acquiring the said office stationery and equipment.

“I run a small graphics design business. In my office we implement a weekly recycling program where we try to recycle all old or useless pieces of stationery and other office equipment. Not only do we manage to use only what we need and maintain an eco-friendly working environment, we also earn a return on the stationery and equipment we no longer need – a win-win situation if you ask me,” says a survey respondent.

Recycling in the office is something that is here to stay. It is a modern, common-sense practice that every business includes in its operating plan. Recycling is environmentally-friendly, business-friendly and profitable. A business that does not recycle will waste energy and resources, spend more, accumulate items they don’t need and lose out on potentially significant financial gains in the process. Recycling is smart and smart businesses recycle.

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