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Small Car Dealerships in Alberta Get a Step Closer to Competing with the Big Boys

Finally, Financing Opportunities for the Small Car Dealerships in Alberta!


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Following the launch of Dynamic Financial Solutions Inc. (an independent financial solutions service provider based in Alberta), the region's smaller car dealerships can now compete in the same league as the bigger dealerships, which have been enjoying the advantage of exclusively being able to offering financing to their clients.

"This is really exciting because nobody has done this before in Alberta. Now small dealerships have the opportunity to provide financing to their customers," exclaimed Melissa Schaufele (Dynamic Financial Solutions Inc. Alberta Regional Manager), pleased to be an integral part of a process that helps level the playing field. Large dealerships definitely enjoyed the upper-hand before, but the effects of this equalization process will be most-welcomed by the consumer, with much more competitive prices set to kick-in as a spin-off of the increased options.

Since Dynamic Financial Solutions Inc. was purpose-built to cater to the independent dealership owner, small dealerships can be said to be the financial service provider's specialty. Dynamic Financial Solutions Inc. may be new to the market, but the service provider brings with it its well-established, existing network of lending institutions that cater to all levels of consumer credit circumstances.

The direct benefits of housing an integrated financial service provider can now be passed on to the customers of the smallest dealerships, but the dealerships themselves will also benefit greatly from the world of opportunity opened up by the presence of a financial solutions service provider that is specifically structured to serve that particular segment of the market.

About Dynamic Financial Solutions Inc.
Dynamic Financial Solutions Inc. is an independent Financial Solutions service provider, built to create equal opportunity for independent dealership owners.

While not affiliated with any dealership, Dynamic Financial Solutions Inc. offers great financing options and benefits to dealerships, so that they can have their very own financial services office without any of the associated technical work.

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