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Small Changes Can Equal Big Results


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Small changes can equal big results when it comes to weight loss or working to improve health. With that thought in mind, it’s quite possible to think of many small steps that can be done to improve overall health and help a person achieve the results they’re working for.

Everyone watches television at some point in the day, but if a person is struggling to find ways to become active they can use this time to add some activity. During commercial breaks, climb the stairs and grab a load of laundry, or move folded clothes to their proper location. If no laundry needs to be put away, simply moving about through the house adds activity; and for every 2-minute break one can burn an extra 270 calories per day through these little movements.

Finding ways to stay connected to ourselves and to peers can also improve weight loss. Studies show that persons who sign up for health and fitness e-mails or newsletters are more likely to keep up with small changes in their lifestyle, and those who are active socially are more likely to make healthier food and activity choices. These newsletters and social activities can also provide moral support for a healthier mind as well as body.

Increasing daily activity by just five minutes can provide enough movement and calorie burn to support weight loss, but adding strength training exercises can burn more calories when we’re sedentary through increasing muscle mass. Push-ups, squats, and other body weight exercises are simple yet powerful when getting the body revved up and jumpstarting metabolism. They can even be more effective than resistance equipment as we’re required to lift and move the actual weight of our body when performing them.

While working to reduce body weight, we can also increase wallet weight by making sure we’re taking a lunch to work over eating out on a daily basis. Bringing a homemade sandwich, wrap, or fruits and veggies for a mid-day meal can save up to 400 calories per day, and hundreds of dollars per year.

By making small changes to diet and exercise habits, we can bring big changes to our physical health.

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