Small Team from Israel Look to Raise $36,000 via Indiegogo to Create U23, an Unique Art Quest Adventure Game

U23 - is a unique hand-drawn art quest-game.


Tel Aviv, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- Dmitry Sokolov and Nathan Malky are two friends from Israel. They wanted to make an interesting game which will not be similar to any of existent ones. The artist and software engineer duo are mostly busy with different freelance projects. Now, they feel it is the right time to start a project that comes fully from their hearts, not from different customers’ requirements.  

Right now they already have visible progress with a game as they've spent several good months working hard on its conception, graphic solution and story line. At present, they need some financial support for this project. They're running out of resources (as they are fully occupied in this project for several month), but they won’t stop. They could have sold it, but decided not to, and instead, started the Indiegogo fundraiser.

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