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Small Ways to Save Big with All the Uncertain Twists and Turns of the Economy


California City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Most claim they live frugal and by making this claim, they are living a frugal lifestyle. However there is a difference in living a frugal lifestyle and being a frugal lifestyle champion.

The dictionary’s definition of champion is defined as a person,who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions. This holds true for those striving to become a champion of living a frugal life.

There are those who live frugal are living below their expenses and they are comfortable but a frugal champion goes beyond the standard frugal lifestyle and lives far better and enjoys more financial reward than the ordinary frugal person.

Let’s look at three small ways one can live successfully as a frugal lifestyle champion:

1) Using plastic bags from grocery stores instead of buying (expensive) garbage bags (many will not do this for fear of what others may think about them but the people One may fear about what they think about they are not going to pay They bills for them).

2) Cutting up junk mail to reuse for note taking

3) Keeping the trunk of One's automobile empty saves money on gas

There are so many practical ways we can conserve electricity and water, save money on food, clothing and entertainment and a plethora of other areas. For more ways to save money and live a good lifestyle at the same time visit

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