Small Business Website Expands Sample Business Plan and Educational Offerings for Entrepreneurs


Highlands Ranch, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2011 -- Small Business Land, a well established and growing site for small business entrepreneurship education has recently begun to expand its sample business plan offerings and the process of plan development. The site covers all aspects of starting and running a small business.

The one-stop online educational resource for budding entrepreneurs covers everything from business plans and proposals to accounting, CRM and marketing, business management and systems, security, working from home, female entrepreneurship and every other aspect of importance to small business entrepreneurs. As a constant work in progress, the Website also offers an expanding roster of articles on specific small businesses that is growing daily.

In an economy founded and increasingly dependent on small businesses and the desire for personal independence, the site sheds light on the most daunting part of starting a small business—writing a business plan. In addition to a growing list of business planning software reviews, the Website tackles the broad strokes of business plan components and what they must contain.

The Website’s founder realized that aspiring entrepreneurs needed much greater detail on the who, what, where, why, how and when of business plan writing. “As a small business owner myself, I realize how daunting the whole plan process can be so I want to create guidelines through a sample business plan plus greater detail on the subject so they can successfully tackle every aspect,” said the Website’s founder and parent company Net Service USA LLC owner Christoph Puetz .

Current articles cover plan templates, business plan writing techniques, plans for college students and first timers and whether or not they should write their own business plan. “While extensive and highly pertinent, these articles only cover the tip of the iceberg,” said Puetz. “No matter what route you choose, the plan must reflect your passion and deep understanding of your intentions to gather the support of banks, investors and eventually customers.”

For any business, the plan reflects the vision of the entrepreneur made tangible. “Like most Americans, I was tired of my labor and brainpower benefiting others more than me. If you take that passion and take it one step at a time starting with each element of the business plan as well as utilize our business planning software reviews as a resource, every serious person can reach their goal of starting and running their own business.”

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