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Smart Ass Fitness Presents a One Time Fitness Event for Those Wishing to Lose 45 Lbs

Smart Ass Fitness unveils secret to rapid weight loss for the obese


Winnipeg, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Smart Ass Fitness, the best home workout resource on the Internet, proudly announces a one time fitness event featuring Miguel Carrasco, a Beachbody coach. Mr. Carrasco, through this event, shows participants how to workout in the comfort of their own home, with the goal being to lose 45 pounds in a 90 day period. "Weight loss of this magnitude continues to be out of the reach of many or so they believe. With the help of this special event, users find they take the pounds off, rewarding themselves with the body they have always dreamed of," Miguel Carrasco, founder of Smart Ass Fitness, heralds.

Consumers often ponder the Beachbody fitness programs and how they differ from other workout options currently available. Numerous fitness experts claim to have found the secret to taking weight off and keeping it off for good, yet Focus T25 is exactly what those who need to lose 30 to 50 pounds find works. This program strives to help those who haven't been exercising as results are seen quickly.

"Motivation remains a problem for many as users want to see the weight drop off in a short period of time. Most programs don't show the desired results quickly, yet this isn't the case with Focus T25. With this program one can easily take 30 to 50 pounds off in a three month period as it focuses on cardio exercises. Those needing to lose less weight find it won't produce the desired results, but Beachbody offers other programs for this purpose," Carrasco explains.

Focus T25 requires one spend only 25 minutes a day to get into great shape and one gets two days rest every week, helping those with busy schedules who find it difficult to exercise seven days a week. Some do find they prefer to do two work out routines on Friday, and the program accommodates these people. Saturday is meant for rest and a quick stat update while Sundays are reserved for stretching.

"Users who found Insanity to be too time consuming love this program as results are seen in only 25 minutes a day, and anyone can make use of the program, no matter their fitness level. The program focuses on specific body parts and muscles and yet is a lot of fun. This is one program everyone should check out. If someone finds it doesn't meet their needs, however, Beachbody offers many other programs and one is sure to be right for each person looking to get into better shape in a short period of time," Carrasco declares.

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