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Smart Electric Heaters Market Research Report - Forecast 2017 – 2025

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2018 -- Smart electric heaters are devices used to control the different heating systems. Smart electric heaters allow users to control the temperature of their smart electric heating systems like a connected thermostat which can be connected to internet, and users can do the adjustments or changes in heating settings through another internet connected devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Smart electric heaters are easy to use, safe, flexible, and helps users to monitor the temperature and performance of the smart electric heaters. Smart electric heaters helps to reduce the energy consumption by the different smart electric heating devices. Smart electric heater's temperature can be controlled remotely, through tablet, smartphone or desktop connected to smart electric heaters via internet.

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Smart Electric Heaters Market: Drivers and Restraints

Smart Electric Heaters' advanced features such as remote control through connected devices like smartphone, tablet, or desktop, flexible scheduling capability, consumption energy savings, and weekly & monthly usage data comparison are some of the factors which will drive the market for smart electric heaters.

For installation and integration of smart electric hearers requires high cost, which will restrain the growth of smart electric heaters market. All the smart electric heaters like Gel filled pain relief pads, instant water heaters cannot be integrated with connected devices such as smartphones, tablet, laptop or desktop. This lack of connectivity technology is also one of restraint for the growth of smart electric heaters market.

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Global Smart Electric Heaters Market: Market Segmentation

Global Smart Electric Heaters Market can be divided into two segments, based on type of heater, component and application.

Segmentation on basis of Component for Smart Electric Heaters Market:The major segments of Smart Electric Heaters market on basis of type of heater include:Cartridge Heater,Coil Heater,Band Heater,Immersion Heater,Tubular Heater,Others.Segmentation on basis of Component for Smart Electric Heaters Market:The major segments of Smart Electric Heaters market on basis of component include:The boiler,Hot water controllers,Thermostat.

Segmentation on basis of Type for Smart Electric Heaters Market:
The major segments of Smart Electric Heaters market on basis of application include:Residential,
Commercial,Industrial.Global Smart Electric Heaters Market Technology Trends

In the recent years, people are moving from traditional heating systems (low carbon heating) to electric heating systems is on the rise, which is more environment friendly than low carbon heating systems which emits greenhouse gases. Smart electric heating systems benefits end users from the latest technology for heating along with lower energy consumption. Use of smart electric heaters is on the rise in residential, commercial and industrial application areas. But, residential application of smart electric heaters is on the rise with new and advanced technologies compared to commercial and industrial application areas.

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Global Smart Electric Heaters Competitive Landscape

Some of the major Smart Electric Heaters vendors include King Manufacturing Company, Fischer Future Heat UK Limited, Elnur UK Ltd, Electrorad, EcoVolt Ltd, Ensto, Dimplex, Heattend Products Ltd, Haverland Ltd, Rointe, among others.