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Smart Factoring Quotes Announces Newly Improved Quote-Generating System

New system will help company's specialists uncover even more attractive and valuable invoice factoring and discounting options for customers, Smart Factoring Quotes reports


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Smart Factoring Quotes, a leading invoice financing service, announced that the company has streamlined and improved its quote-producing system. After analyzing data collected over the course of the company's operations, Smart Factoring Quotes specialists were able to identify a number of avenues for improvement that have been incorporated into the new quote system. The company's customers can now therefore expect even faster and better service than before as they explore their invoice financing options.

"We have worked hard to become one of the United Kingdom's top invoice financing experts," Smart Factoring Quotes representative Ian Hepworth said, "and our newly improved quote-generating system is proof that we are not content to rest on our laurels." One of the most important and potentially powerful financial tools available to many businesses, invoice financing involves using accounts receivable to generate immediate cash flow through one of two basic approaches.

The most common style of such financing is called "factoring," whereby specialized dealers buy the right to collect on invoices from businesses in need of cash. Instead of needing to wait for the agreed-upon term to make use of payments owed to them, then, companies that choose this option can often use them in the present for business-boosting capital improvements or regular expenses.

Companies that wish to retain control of their accounts receivables may instead use invoice discounting, where the accounts are simply used as collateral for more traditional loans. Although discounting typically requires more in the way of qualification than factoring does, it comes with its own advantages, too, including greater confidentiality and less in the way of potential disruption to existing customer relationships.

Smart Factoring Quotes specializes in helping customers discover exactly which of these arrangements might make the most sense for their own businesses. By drawing upon one of the United Kingdom's largest networks of invoice financing providers, the company is able to present customers with a wider array of options than they are likely to find anywhere else. As invoice financing products are typically tailored to the individual company and account portfolio they are targeted at, Smart Factoring Quotes' work in gathering these offers can make an enormous difference for those in charge of arranging for financing for their own companies.

The newly improved quote-producing system just announced by smart factoring quotes will help to make the company's services even more valuable and indispensable. A number of sophisticated analytical tools that previously had to be leveraged manually have been incorporated into the automated side of the system, a development that will help to highlight the most relevant and appealing quotes for each individual client.

The new system also makes even better use of Smart Factoring Quotes' unmatched network of lender relationships than the previous one, granting access to more in the way of details regarding terms and lending requirements than was previously possible. Those interested in learning more about the company's services may do so at and elsewhere on the Smart Factoring Quotes website.

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