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Smart Fertilizer Management Software Increases Crop Yield


Hod HaSharon, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- SMART Fertilizer Management Software, a platform for optimizing fertilizer use for agriculture, has released a software tool that manages fertilizer utilization for crops, under any conditions, and it takes into account dynamic factors that are required in optimizing fertilizer use. The software allows farmers to save thousands of dollars annually on fertilizer costs while increasing yield, and many farmers have been raving about the results. SMART allows farmers to create custom-made nutrient formulations and fertility programs that are based on their specific conditions, and the software works all around the world.

A Colombian farmer wrote to SMART, claiming that the software has increased crop results with Pioneer corn that is used for silage and grain. He used it for 45 days after planting, and said the plants are an average height of 1.75m, which is impressive. He expects a 75% increase in the yield of grain corn and 40% in Silage corn. According to a farmer located in Mexico, his corn yielded a record of 12.4 ton/ha to which he credited SMART. Consistent with many others, a farmer in California wrote, “thank everyone for a great software. Before, we used to get only 38 to 50 tons per acre of watermelons. Using better cultural practices and balancing the fertilization with Ones' software, we obtained 95 tons per acre and reduced our fertilizer consumption by 25%!” Farmers have enjoyed the results that SMART has brought so far.

According to the team behind SMART, “we believe that proper fertilizer management/practices are crucial and the only sustainable way for feeding the world.” SMART provides farmers with easy-to-use tools, anywhere in the world, to produce higher yields while lowering the amount of fertilizers that are used and minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

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