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Maharashtra, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2016 -- Some of the steps taken by The Finance Minister tend to evoke mixed responses in the industry. A critical citable instance (circular dated February 28th, 2015) is the levied hike in Service Tax Rate. By January 2016, the industry was already apprehensive about further increase in taxation. Top industry body NRAI published a speculative report on possible increase of GST to 17.5%, as per the proposed developments of the Arvind Subramaniam Committee. Insider reports from the National Restaurant Association of India later confirmed on February 29th, 2016 that Union Budget 2016 forsakes any further reduction of the tax burden. However, industry sources report that as per the levied direct and indirect taxes, a customer has to pay up to 31.6% extra on the actual bill, almost one third of the amount.

Metropolitan eateries have been quick to adapt increasingly to digitization for attracting customers. Services face an urgent call to gear up promotions simply to retain the same profit margin year after year. As future growth limit appears to be higher than before, innovative strategies are also showing good results. Many eateries are adapting to digital promotions and management with an organized outlook to engage customers directly by a restaurant management system app. Especially due to mall shopping in urban centers, eating at restaurants has become a commoner feature than even a few years before. The increasing footfalls seem promising.

The fine dining industry projects an imposing growth rate up to 4.98 trillion by 2021. A sophisticated smartphone app can definitely serve as a game changer by virtue of its excellent features. A comprehensive app effectively connects the digital experience to the real by transferring all the formal protocols onto a virtual experience. Just as customers can enjoy hassle free dining, the eatery also benefits from promotions and extensive management. A customer can check out the menu at preferred service points and even the availability of tables at the restaurant. Restaurants can also promote their special dishes for the day. The customer can merge tables or cancel orders at the last minute, wherever possible, or ask for home delivery.

The key benefits of the app does not limit up to ordering from home. Its services extend up to the diner's establishment at all levels. Diners have no need to stand in a queue due to smart advanced booking. Inside the eatery, one can use the software to keep track of the order and communicate to the waiter. The point of service app connects all service sectors, including the waiters and the kitchen. A customer can keep track of the order right from inside the kitchen with the app. The restaurant POS system offers hassle free payment systems for home delivery and in-house dining.

It has been reviewed in the industry as enabling for everyone involved in enjoying a fine dish. It offers a sense of appreciation for the waiters and the kitchen staff. Managers report that this 'identity' helps to bring out the best from their staffs automatically. Systematic processing of food orders in the line helps to avoid confusion to deliver orders on time. The manager can access extensive analytics features to keep track of the business progress over broad perspectives such as seasonal variations in demand. Narrower outlooks, such as the data for daily transactions are also available easily.

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