Smart Grid Market Opportunity in China will be Difficult to Exploit for Foreign Smart Grid Vendors


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2012 -- Smart Grid Market Opportunity in China will be Difficult to Exploit for Foreign Smart Grid Vendors - report provides an analysis of the market entry barriers for overseas vendors in Chinese smart grid market. Foreign smart grid vendors are finding it difficult to establish themselves in China, despite the country’s huge smart grid market. Government support and a large consumer base provide numerous smart grid market opportunities, but government preference for local equipment vendors and initiatives aimed at developing the country’s own smart grid standards puts foreign investors at a disadvantage, as evidenced in the low number of mergers, acquisitions and venture financing activities undertaken by overseas smart grid vendors. Other factors further barring the way for foreign investors is a lack of support from their own governments amid the ongoing financial crises in their countries.


- Role of government policies in restricting the entry of foreign vendors in China
- Importance of Chinese smart grid standards in shaping the national smart grid market
- State of mergers, acquisitions and venture capital funding in Chinese smart grid market
- Role of foreign governments in facilitating entry of overseas vendors in China smart grid market

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- Identify measures taken by Chinese government in developing smart grid market
- Gain insight on the Chinese smart grid industry’s development trends
- Developing strategies for market penetration
- Facilitate decision-making based on insights on the smart grid market in China

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