Smart Phone Security App Hurt Locker Version 2.0 Is Released by TechNatives

The release of Hurt Locker 2.0 is creating positive response among new and old users. Several innovative features help to protect sensitive data on smart phones


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- TechNatives is pleased to announce the release of Version 2.0 of their popular smart-phone security app, Hurt Locker”. The earlier version of the innovative product has gendered a lot of comments and enthusiasm. At a time when security of smart-phone and other mobile device data is increasingly in the news, it is important to be sure of the level of security.

A spokesperson said, “The amount of data contained on the smart-phone of an average user can be immense. Furthermore, it is the type of data that can be very troubling in the wrong hands. Your business and personal life details are usually carried with you on such devices. When the security on the smart-phone or mobile device is compromised, it can leave the victim open to cyber attacks and identify theft, or worse.”

He continues, “We are excited about the new features and are certain that the expanded functionality, power and user-friendliness will be just as popular with users as was the first version of the security app. We expect to energise existing users and to gather some new customers who will appreciate all the work flow features we have added.”

Using Hurt Locker allows for users to establish secure locations for vulnerable photos, SMS text messages and videos. Backup files for Hurt Locker on Drop Box or Google Play can now be password protected. Unprotected Hurt Locker data is safe from another Hurt Locker install. Image Swipe permits images in the picture folder to be swiped. Locked apps can be released from Hurt Locker. The Intruder Detection feature captures a photo and records the time of any incorrect password data entry. The available languages have been increased, with the addition of Vietnamese and French.

Hurt Locker is available as a download at the Google Play store.

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