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Smart SEO Hosting Explains the Benefits of HTTP/2 for SEO

Considering major benefits to site performance and support by Google, SEO experts believe HTTP/2 should be the used by all serious online businesses.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2016 -- Smart SEO Hosting, a multiple industry award winner, encourages all its clients to move to HTTP/2 from HTTP/1.1. This announcement is in line with the 2 new major upgrades in their global networks that provides Free SSL and Free HTTP/2 migrations.

Google search engine team has previously mentioned their intention to change Googlebot protocol to HTTP/2 by the end of 2015 or early 2016. Considering the fact that HTTP/2 is backward compatible there is no risk in migrating to the new protocol while the obvious performance boosts provided by the new protocol should impact SEO ranking of sites that provide their contents on the new and more advanced protocol.

Moving to the new protocol is something that has to be done on the web server level and should be enabled on SSL layer. Although HTTP/2 is not specifically designed for HTTPS, all major browsers only support this protocol on an encrypted channel. As a result it is important that the websites that want to benefit from this protocol have to already be on HTTPS.

Since January 2016 Smart SEO Hosting has been providing free SSL certificates to all its clients and for as long as they stay as their active clients which should provide a good base for any migration to HTTP/2.

Since February 2016 all SSL clients of Smart SEO Hosting has already been moved to HTTP/2 automatically and free of any charges. Majority of those clients have already seen a better and faster user experience and boost in their search engine results ranking.

It is important to remember that for browsers that do not support HTTP/2 the protocol automatically switches back to HTTP/1.1 making it comp lately transparent and backward compatible with old browsers.

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