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Smart SEO Hosting to Offer HTTP/2 Web Hosting Services

All customers of Smart SEO Hosting are now hosted on HTTP/2 with backward compatibility.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2016 -- Smart SEO Hosting, a multiple industry award winner, now provides HTTP/2 enabled hosting to all its existing and future clients. Upgrading all their SSL hosting services (which comes as a part of FREE SSL offering) should provide a major boost to SEO ranking of all their valued customers.

Considering the introduction of HTTP/2 to Googlebot and the clear performance advantage of the new protocol to HTTP/1.1 all SEO experts agree that HTTP/2 is an important SEO ranking factor that should be considered by all serious providers.

A spokesperson for the company emphasizes on the importance of the new technology and added: "HTTP/2 is a major upgrade on top of a technology that has not had a change in around 20 years. It is a backward compatible technology, meaning all clients that do not support it will automatically get a HTTP/1.1 version transparently. Considering an earlier announcement by Google regarding the support of the new protocol by Googlebot and that all Google's owned websites are now on HTTP/2. We believe providing this technology on top of our existing networking stack should provide a major boost to all our customers, when it comes to their search result rankings."

HTTP/2 is supported by all major browsers over HTTPS and because of an earlier announcement by Smart SEO Hosting that all their clients can apply for free SSL certificates, the new announcement for HTTP/2 support should automatically move all those clients on SSL to HTTP/2 for free.

According to a senior network engineer at the company, all their IPs at all 120+ datacenters are now HTTP/2 enabled and all their customers and future users should be able to enjoy this advanced protocol without a need to make any changes to their websites.

About Smart SEO Hosting is a dedicated and professional SEO hosting company that provides services to SEO agencies in USA, Europe and Australia. The company offers variety of hosting plans for different countries, ISPs and IP classes. The company operates from more than 120 data centers scattered across the globe. To accommodate further SEO needs, now offers hosting on IPs and load balancers that are owned and operated by Google itself.