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Smart Software Puts Artificial Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Computer engineering, filmmaking, and interface design combine to create the first smart software that utilizes artificial intelligence to find solutions for the technical problems of the general public.


Chesterbrook, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Depictions of cloning, instant health repair and artificial intelligence have become the norm. Yet having instant access to an expert’s mind still sounds like fantasy… until now. A newly-released software aims to empower people with a software that emulates how technicians think.

Hector Sierra, a young filmmaker, thought of the concept after his parents got overcharged and their information stolen by a computer technician. He was inspired by science fiction and artificial intelligence cinema, stating: “After watching “The Matrix” yet again, I wanted to create a software that could instantly make anyone an expert technician.” He adds “People should be free to fix their own problems and not risk their private information from being stolen. No one should ever be at the mercy of others, especially when we depend on computers for everyday life.”

Since then, Mr. Sierra gathered a team of experts of different fields and founded EZ Troubleshooter. The team did away with traditional methods of teaching computer repair, and instead developed a software that could provide instant solutions to its users.

Based on the symptom given by the user, the software determines the different possible causes of the error and tells the user exactly what to do to fix it. The system currently provides solutions for any software, hardware, internet or network problem, including peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, webcams and many others.

The CEO and founder states “Instead of wasting people’s time teaching them computer repair, we focused on capturing the best methods and techniques used by expert technicians when troubleshooting computer-related problems. Soon after, we realized we created a system that works not only for computer troubleshooting, but for practically any other subject as well.”

To illustrate the effectiveness of their software, their video on Indiegogo shows how in less than one minute, anyone can fix a computer that turns on but does not load Windows. Mr. Sierra notes, “We picked this example, because it shows just how easy it is to fix even the most stressful computer problems with our software.”

Beginning October 15th, the public is invited to watch a demo of their software and get more information about their Indiegogo campaign at

About EZ Troubleshooter
EZ Troubleshooter is an interactive troubleshooting software which will allow its users to troubleshoot and fix their computer hardware, software, or networking problems.

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