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Smart TV News: An Innovative Way to Deliver Customized Information


Jefferson, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Smart TV News, developed by Thomas Davis of Jefferson, Texas, is the next generation of news delivery. Subscribers to the new service will be able to log into any web-enabled device and receive news that impacts them. Viewers will see a personalized set of short local, state and national clips which have news value. The clips will have links to more detailed information.

“I believe many of the current news outlets are ideology based, limited in scope and personality driven,” said Davis, whose company, Newsstream, will be delivering Smart TN News. “There is too much fluff and opinion and not enough local news. Newsstream will provide a blend of national, state, and local news items personalized to the viewers’ location and interests.”

Smart TV News provides new opportunities for journalists as well, offering a portal for independent writers, bloggers photographers and videographers. Submitted videos, photos, stories and blogs will be streamed to viewers who subscribe to the topic or live within the area impacted by the content.

Journalists will be encouraged to obtain sponsors and will be allowed to promote the sponsor as part of their submitted work. The goal is to create a method for local reporters to financially support their activities. Also, contributors may add links where the viewer may obtain more information on the topic.

In addition, Smart TV News is uncensored and interactive. “I will not allow Newsstream to be partisan in any way or favor any type of politics,” said Davis. “I will not censor content based on ideology. There is also a reply feature which will allow users to rebut and make comments.”

A Smart TV News website is currently in place but it has limited storage and bandwidth. Funding is needed to move the site to a dedicated server and provide hosting for the videos. The new service also needs subscribers so a marketing and publicity program is necessary to build the contributor and viewer base.

This all costs money and Davis estimates the total tab to be around $20,000. In order to generate this capital, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. Those who contribute $40 will receive a Founders’ Club Membership to the news service. A $500 pledge receives a special video “thank you” that will be visible you on the site.

According to Davis, “The bulk of the funds will be used to expand Smart TV News to multiple Platforms including Roku, Playstation, and Xbox. These platforms each have their own unique operating system software and requirement so Newsstream will engage the services of an accomplished entity which are specialists in the field.”

Journalists who are interested in providing content (stories, blogs, videos or photo) should visit and create a Contributor Account. This will enable them to post an “About Me” video and a link to their personal web page.

For additional information, visit ; the Smart TV News Facebook page, ; or the Smart TV News website,

Davis can be reached directly at

Contact Name: Thomas Davis
Company Name: Newsstream
City: Jefferson
State: TX
Zip Code: 75657
Country: USA
Phone: +1-903-665-2870