Smart Voting App for Talks Gives out Generous Thank-You Packages to Top Supporters

A Smartphone app that gathers, counts, and displays anonymously cast votes during presentations and talks is intensifying its crowd funding campaign through hard-to-resist perks and good old functionality.


Malmo, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- A communications innovator offers audiences a new fear-free voting option: Respond through your Smartphone.

Trying to raise at least $20,000 through Indiegogo crowd funding, VoteViking is a Smartphone application that tallies and displays in real time the votes anonymously cast by the audience at talks, presentations, or corporate meetings. Fifty days to the November 13 deadline, its Amsterdam-based creator, Everybody Likes Penguins, is stepping up the campaign to make sure IOS and Android users gain from this downloadable technology for free.

For a $5,000 contribution, a company may sync its event with the world premiere of VoteViking. Not only will the world premiere of the up-and-coming app generate added publicity, but the top supporter also gets a chance to visit the makers in their Amsterdam hideout. Food, lodging, and mini-tour are free of charge. So are 200 voting rounds.

Perks aside, the functional value of the VoteViking technology is the main attraction. Hugo van den Hurk, in charge of concept development and online marketing, explains that members of an audience feel uncomfortable raising their hands especially when they fear their choice to be politically incorrect or unintelligent.

“Once group psychology is at play, it’s harder for presenters to get honest responses from the audience. VoteViking eliminates people’s fears and the effects of peer pressure by allowing them to cast their votes conveniently and anonymously. A presenter gets accurate feedback fast, and the dialogue becomes more open and informative.”

A company that places quality communication at the core of its business policy, Everybody Likes Penguins believes audience response is “too valuable to ignore.”

The creators also speak highly of the easy integration features of VoteViking. PowerPoint allows presenters to show a live website in one slide through its LiveWeb add-in option. In effect, the audience sees real time results counted by the VoteViking website and shown through PowerPoint.

Presenters need only to register their event at the VoteViking website and upload their company logos, which will be displayed at VoteViking users’ Smartphones. Also shown are the presenters’ questions and the answer choices for the audience, made available through a paid web service.

“Our goal has always been to simplify the vote-tally-and-show process both for the speaker and the audience. And I am happy to announce that we have succeeded in making VoteViking efficient and fun to use,” van den Hurk adds.

VoteViking specifically targets professionals and academics who handle corporate meetings, lectures, webinars, conference calls, presentations, and talks. The app can also be used during debates, talent shows, and pub quizzes.

VoteViking stratifies its thank-you packages. For $500, supporters will be the first in their state or country to use VoteViking. This local premiere will be publicized alongside the contributor’s event. For $60, supporters will be featured at the VoteViking website. All those who donate $60 or more will get 200 free voting rounds.

Contributors of $25 can enjoy 140 free voting rounds, while those who donate $15 get 80 free voting rounds. For $10, supporters can benefit from 60 free voting rounds. A single donation can be as little as $5.

All the offerings for VoteViking supporters are outlined in detail at the Indiegogo crowd funding website.

About Everybody Likes Penguins
Everybody Likes Penguins is an Amsterdam-based company which offers communication products and solutions for advertising, marketing, and even educational projects. Not limited to designing and developing communications technology like VoteViking, Everybody Likes Penguins also organizes talks and presentations giving this company a holistic view of the communication process. Learn more about the company at Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.