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Munchen, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2013 -- Over the past several years outsourcing opportunities have evolved both technically, legally and in geographical sense. Today it is possible to outsource all kinds of software development and get the best result for the paid price. By deciding to pass programming tasks to IT contractors, the company management can maximize the profits by more thoughtful distribution of resources. It has become common even for software companies to delegate certain tasks that need additional expertise, increased development speed or big numbers of workforce.

Outsourcing travel software can save impressive amounts of money, sometimes to ten times less that onshore or in-house development. But cost savings are not the main reasons to outsource software development services for a lot of enterprises in all major industries.

Even some of the richest IT companies of the world routinely outsource a big number of programming tasks to those who can accomplish them better, faster of with less risks. From the global point of view, there are at least several other points to consider besides the costs, and most of them also help to save significant sums for the company budget.

What is the cheapest way to outsource? For some clients, it is finding the contractor with the lowest rates, which often means lack of skills or experience in programming services. This kind of companies which offer tour software development services cannot boast an outstanding portfolio of accomplished projects, so they are ready to work for a symbolic pay, only to get more experience and create a reputation. Nevertheless, not all cheap programmers are experienced. There are also industrial giants that offer teams of tens and even hundreds of developers who also work at low operational costs and win by quantity and intensity of work. This is typical for India and China, though the quality of the resulting code does not always meet the requirements of a customer.

A better choice is to turn to software development companies that are located in the nearshore countries and nearby time zones. The rates in countries of Eastern Europe, Canada, Mexico or Ireland are higher, but the quality of work is also much better, and it can be increased by effective management. For example, an onshore presence of the representative from the client company is very important for better understanding of requirements and terms of work. It is also recommended to invite the project manager or the technical leader from the offshore development company to the client's premises at least twice a year or more frequently. This method also helps the company to create a strong communication channel between the partners. If the communication structure is established, the software development team immediately reacts at changes in the initial plan and makes corrections during the development process. It positively affects the final product and leads to better management of the whole project. Good quality communication allows implementation of more efficient and flexible approaches, frameworks and methodologies.

Sufficient risk management is also one of the reasons to delegate programming to other companies. With a reliable partner, outsourcing software development helps to deliver the product to the market on time even under strict deadlines. The risks for delay are delegated to the offshore company and hereby reduced for the customer.

Software outsourcing became a common thing to do for many customers around the world. Just like in any other business, you get what you paid for, but even the outsourced projects accomplished for relatively high rates save a lot of time and other resources to their partners, as in most cases one company simply cannot develop everything it needs in-house. Key to the success is choosing the right software vendor with deep in-field experience and proven technical expertise.

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