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Smarter Search Engine Alternative Launches in 2014 Providing High Quality, Targeted Search Results

Search It Find It announces their official launching to take on privacy issues that their predecessors and direct major competitors have failed to answer. They wish to refine search results and provide better, relevant results for the smarter users.


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- finally launches an alternative to major search engines. Their greatest proposition is unlike these more famous options, Search It Find It shows results as needed and never based on search history or previous sites visited by searchers. Its team of developers vows that unlike other search engines available for general free usage by the market today, theirs will never keep nor store user data in the entirety of a searcher's usage.

Smarter Search Engine

SearchItFindIt's mission is to provide relevant results that matter based keywords that the users query.

"Unlike the major search engines, our platform will never green light the collection of any of your previous search history so we can bombard you with irrelevant results or at most, very misleading ads. When you use our search engine SearchItFindIt, what you type is what you get with all the four essential search categories including results from the web, news, images and videos indexed and fast," says a company representative.

With generally fast results and an intuitive, sleek minimalist [uncluttered] design, Serch It Find It has also enabled ways to make search times a better user experience.

They have taken up the time to also include numerous search tips such as phrases and commands to add to basic and advance keyword metasearch results page. Minus sign helps omit a term in results, quotation marks will show a full phrase or sentence together as a phrase and not scattered around while the word AND and the + sign will help improve results by showing mandatory words that must appear.

Parentheses are also recognizable commands for users who wish to combine any of these three terms that modify default search query results.

Other commands include +title, +domain, the use of the words: site, image, url, and link so results will behave in such a way that they will show very specific titles, domains, hyperlinks, images and results from a specific website for a particular term inputted.

All these terms must be added to the original key term being searched for to achieve desired results as indicated.

Apart from these tips, SIFI also provides a preference tab for safe searching. Defaults for safe search is strict filtering of adult content for the safety of minors, the highlight keywords function is on while results in new tab is off. Users can easily tick their preferences any time using the cog wheel icon on the uppermost right portion of the Search It Find It homepage.

About Search It Find It
Created as the better alternative to most search engines available today, is a collaboration by a team of expert developers wishing to make a difference in the way search engines work. The challenge came after numerous privacy issues bereft search engine giants in various parts of the world. By introducing an equally powerful platform, they hope to help smarter users to have a look and be amazed at what better alternatives are now out there waiting just for their discovery.

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