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Smarter Water is a provider of water cooler and filtering services. Established in 1999, the company boasts thousands of satisfied customers.


Nundah, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/24/2015 -- Smarter Water is a provider of water cooler and filtering services. Established in 1999, the company boasts thousands of satisfied customers. The firm serves the Brisbane area and the rest of Australia.

The need for filtered water

Most people assume the water that comes out of their taps is clean and good for their health. What they may not know is that tap water isn't always safe to drink. Quite often, water companies will add chemicals without publicising the fact. So, what one might consider "good" tap water could mask a few surprises!

Because of the uncertainty of tap water, more people are opting for filtered water. In fact, there's a growing need for filtered water. Especially in rural and remote parts of the country.

Smarter Water is a company that offers a variety of filtered water solutions. From water coolers in Brisbane to mains fed filtering systems in Sydney, they do them all.

All life on Earth relies on water to survive. Humans are perhaps the planet's biggest consumers of water. But, most people don't drink enough water each day. It's essential for the body to receive an ample supply of fresh, clean water every day.

Water helps to flush out toxins in our bodies and keeps us all hydrated. Without water, we would all get sick and suffer dehydration.

Water coolers

For the office and in the home, water coolers are a simple way to access fresh hot and cold drinking water on demand. A water cooler is, in essence, a device that cools and heats water. Some coolers can also offer a tap for water at room temperature too.

The beauty of water coolers is their sleek styling and narrow shape. Their size makes them a perfect hit in any part of an office or home. They take up little floor space and use hardly any energy.

Smarter Water provides a range of water cooler solutions to meet all needs. The company also offers a full service agreement on all water coolers as standard. That means customers need not worry about the maintenance of their water coolers.

Mains filtered water solutions

Some customers prefer to have an in-line filtration system of mains water. One might assume that's all those solutions offer, but there are other benefits to their use too!

For example, customers can enjoy filtered hot water on demand, the same as with water coolers. That means one doesn't have to wait for a boiler to heat up any tap water. Smarter Water's mains filtered solutions take care of that!

Water Fountains

An ideal solution for places such as gyms and communal areas are water fountains. They negate the need for using a glass or paper cup to have a drink of water. Smarter Water can provide a robust range of water fountain solutions to suit any area.

About Smarter Water
Founded in 1999, Smarter Water offer filtered water solutions. Covering Brisbane and the rest of Australia, the firm is the country's premier provider. They offer a range of products from water coolers to mains fed systems.

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