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Smartly Skewering the State of Things: Reflections on a F*Cked-Up World Is the Thinking Person's Book of 2014

Written by Ray Wolf, this provocatively titled debut is more than just an opinion piece. Wolf uses his perspective as an ‘everyday guy’ to get to the crux of the matter, peeling back the layers of current culture and offering his clever and often humourous take on topics like global economy, god & religion and everything in between.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Often called a “realistic optimist”, author Ray Wolf is as unusual as he is opinionated about his views on Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Convinced that human beings are headed cheerfully toward disaster, Wolf’s book, ‘Reflections on a F*cked-Up World’ is a call to others who may feel the same way, and a refreshingly-honest lampooning of some of the human races’ worst foibles. Including, of course, celebrity culture, the mass drone of technology and the rampant lure of capitalism.

Official Synopsis:

Ray Wolf thinks the world has gone crazy. In that light, Wolf, who prefers to think of himself as a realist rather than a pessimist, shares a collection of opinions designed to point out what is wrong and in need of repair with the world and modern society.

In a style that ranges from witty to sarcastic, Wolf not only pokes fun at, but also confronts many of the frustrations we face at some time or another in life. Shared with the intent of motivating others to think about their own lives and the ever-changing world around them, Wolf's opinions provide a glimpse into the effects of computerization and technology, capitalism, employer demands, consumerism, and much more. Also included are his opinions on education, both from schooling and parents, as well as the consequences of materialism, pollution, and celebrity overload.

Reflections on a F*cked-Up World offers one man's outlook on life as he travels a bumpy road through reality and encourages others to make positive changes in the world.

“As I ask in my book, ‘Why do all those assholes out there try to confuse us? Do they want to have us make the wrong decisions or the right ones, or just the ones that work for them, without regard to our well-being?’,” says Wolf, displaying the droll tone that readers and critics have lauded.

Continuing: “It’s about asking the tougher questions and not being soft on ourselves. It would be easier to just fall into the habit of accepting what’s put in front of us and making a meal of it. But honestly, do we really believe that politicians have our best interests at heart? That corporations want us to be happy? That social media is as benign as it appears on the surface?”

Wolf’s controversial stance won the praise of NY Examiner’s Books Reviewer, Jo Ammons, who commented: “What makes this book stand out is not only the author’s sarcasm when he pokes fun at all the wrong things in our society…Ray Wolf is determined to expose these people who have destroyed the environment and the quality of life, and have indoctrinated everyone so badly that they believe what clearly harms them is, in fact, good and fun to have.”

Ammons went on to say: “’Reflections on a F*cked-Up World’ is one of those books that can motivate people to make radical changes exactly because it presents reality as it is, sometimes with the risk of hurting people or making them feel helpless and disappointed. Ray Wolf strongly believes that the first step is for people to see the issues, because then they will want to change them and make their society a better place.”

Wolf pulls no punches when taking his work to the next level, creating a catchy song that embodies his book’s ethos and sharing his wisdom through an expanding series of YouTube videos. It’s all part of Wolf’s bold goal to empower readers to question everything they have come to know as normal.

‘Reflections on a F*cked-Up World’ is available now from Amazon.

For more information and to view the author’s videos, visit his official website.

About Ray Wolf
Ray Wolf has developed a global perspective through his formal education in fine arts, education, business, and law, complimented by extensive work experience as a teacher, business leader, and guidance counselor. Ray enjoys motivational speaking, philosophy, psychology, and politics.