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Essex, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- Smartphone Go, the website which has been recently launched, has been dedicated to providing the latest information about the smartphone world. The website has several intuitive articles which give information about smartphones from a variety of manufacturers running different operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The aim of the website is to cater to smartphone enthusiasts and others who wish to know more about the devices, providing all the information required in a single place. Information about various pricing deals on these phones is also provided by the website.

The articles provided in Smartphone Go are comprehensive and reader-friendly with the thumbnail even showing the estimated reading time for an article. The search option given in the website allows folks to browse right to the topic of their interest as well.

The owner of Smartphone Go, who posts articles under the username pabey2001 writes the articles in a simple and interactive manner often relating to real life scenarios. His comparisons between devices and operating systems are very holistic as well. In his post comparing the specifications of Nokia 920 and iPhone 5 he states, “The Nokia 920 vs. iPhone 5 is an interesting battle between two differing OS systems. Overall the Nokia 920 has a lot more unique hardware features than than the Iphone 5.”

The information given in Smartphone Go includes details about cheapest Android phone, unlocked iPhone 5, various interesting iPhone 5 deals, iPhone 5 price in USA, HTC Windows Phone 8x and also provides the comparison Windows Phone vs. Android. The topics are covered under a variety of categories such as Apple, BlackBerry, Mobile Phone Insurance, Nexus, Samsung, Sony and ViewSonic.

More details about the site and the information covered by it can be viewed at the official website of Smartphone Go

About Smartphone Go
Smartphone Go ( is a website that provides the latest and comprehensive information about smartphones from different manufacturers the market. The owner of the website, under the username ‘pabey2001’, posts a variety of articles regarding the smartphone world showcasing his expertise in the field. The website offers information about manufacturers of current as well as future smartphones. The smartphones covered by the website includes those which run on iOS, Windows Phone and Android. Valuable information regarding the cheapest Android phone, unlocked iPhone 5, various iPhone 5 deals and their pricing in USA, HTC Windows Phone 8x etc. The website also offers a good comparison of the operating systems, Android and Windows Phone.

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