Smartphone Turns from Villain to Hero for Bricks & Mortar

Location-based interactions help Aussie businesses usher more customers through the front door.


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- In an unlikely twist, the very device blamed for driving shoppers away, the smartphone, is offering fresh hope for embattled bricks & mortar businesses. Location information captured by the smartphone is unlocking a rich set of interactions that are transforming the ‘shopping’ experience. In an Australian first, Proximiti is offering businesses a simple and effective way to engage customers that are around business’ stores, landmarks or shopping centers in real-time.

Using Proximiti's proprietary ‘Engage’ platform, businesses can now send location-based alerts and notifications. The discreet notifications are embedded within a business’ own website. They are triggered when a customer accesses the website within a defined ‘geofence’. The announcement comes on the back of Google research that found 1 in 5 Australian mobile users carries out a local search every day. The research also found that a staggering 70% of smartphone users now use their mobiles while shopping inside stores.

“Quite simply, marketers’ job is to influence a purchase decision. This is challenging given consumers make these decisions ‘in the moment’ and on the go. Engaging your customers with actionable and relevant messages at the precise point when they are making a purchase decisions is enormously powerful. It makes all other forms of advertising appear convoluted.” said Proximiti’s Director of Strategy, Alex Topaloski.

“It may be a hard landing for some, but the Australian ‘shopping experience’ is transforming, for the better! Every day, businesses are discovering ways to offer a more personalized and memorable experience to shoppers. Location-based interactions are an important element in this journey. Therefore, we are excited to be making this technology accessible to any business with a website!”

About Proximiti:
Our core belief is that ‘location’ unlocks a new way to influence consumer intent and behavior. Our proprietary location-based marketing Australia platform powers smartphone interactions that let businesses deepen customer relationships & harness actionable insights. Proximiti is a privately held company based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Contact: Alex Topaloski
Telephone: +61 402 355781