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Most legislation for health and safety as well as regulations for work at height requires employees to get proper training to use the necessary equipment.


Hertfordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Most legislation for health and safety as well as regulations for work at height requires employees to get proper training to use the necessary equipment. All employers have the obligation to train their workers.

IPAF training is designed to provide all the employees who work at heights with the requisite expertise. There are many IPAF training centers now available to cater for the requirements of different industries. For instance, the leading professionals in the industry develop IPAF training programmes especially for platform operators.

For the most part, the training courses are designed for short durations in order to facilitate professionals who have busy schedules and are already involved in construction and building activities. They are usually held for one to two days. Furthermore, the course materials are designed to satisfy the statutory regulations for work at heights as this ensure that the professionals are highly trained and experienced to work on these sites and know how to avoid the accidents related to the building and construction industry. This training provides employees with the technical expertise and knowledge to work safely in high places.

It is important to point out that the training is not provided by IPAF itself. The training centres are mostly approved by IPAF manufacturers and rental members. These approved facilities are audited regularly by IPAF, but they usually set their own course fees. The classes are generally small and the courses include practice and theory materials with practical and written tests.

Approved Centres for IPAF Training

Smart Platforms is one of the accredited providers of PASMA and IPAF courses, so they can provide your staff with training that can meet the highest standards. They also allow them to earn qualifications which are internationally recognised and are updated constantly to meet the existing requirements for health and safety.

Smart Platforms understands the importance of good-quality training, hence all the PASMA and IPAF courses are nationally recognised and a five year certification is awarded for successful completions. We invest heavily in all our training programmes and offer a comprehensive tailored package so that everyone can get the most enjoyable and convenient training possible.

What is covered in the IPAF TRAINING?

After completing the training courses for IPAF operator, all candidates will:

- Understand the need to use personal protective work equipment;
- Have a good working knowledge of the relevant regulations and legislation;
- Learn how to drive a machine and manoeuvre it safely to a correct position as well as to carry out a designated task.

IPAF Training Locations

IPAF training is offered in London, Birmingham and Manchester from our regional depots which are in easy to reach locations. In addition, training is also available at suitable work sites or locations. We offer flexible training options to meet everyone’s needs with the least possible disruption to business operations.

What you will receive after completing the IPAF training

Everyone gets qualifications which are recognised nationally after completing the training courses. All successful trainees earn a Powered Access Licence (PAL Card), a log book, a safety guide and a certificate that is valid for five years.

Contact Smart Platforms today to get affordable and top-quality PASMA or IPAF training in Manchester, IPAF training in London or IPAF training in Birmingham.

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