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Smartweb Mobile Announces Anti-Texting Campaign

Crowd Fund Aimed at Increasing Awareness of Texting While Driving


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2015 -- SmartWeb Mobile, a leading national developer of mobile websites and native apps for iPhone and Android devices, has announced a crowdfunding campaign on for the development of the StickieBalls Universal Safety Kit.

SmartWeb Mobile is hoping to use the StickieBalls crowdfunding campaign to increase awareness of the dangerous texting-while-driving epidemic.

Here are the facts about texting while driving in America:


> 1,600,000 accidents per year – National Safety Council
> 330,000 injuries per year – Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study
> 11 teen deaths EVERY DAY – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Fatality Facts
> Nearly 25% of ALL car accidents

"It's not just texting while driving," according to Greg Simonds, SmartWeb Mobile's founder. "It's also about having a loose cell phone sliding around on the seat or the dashboard, distracting the driver and causing an unsafe situation. StickieBalls are a simple, inexpensive fix to avoid a lot of vehicle crashes and needless highway carnage."

He added, "Being in the mobile internet space we feel a certain responsibility to our customers who frequently use mobile devices in their cars. We hope drivers will visit for more information about our crowdfunding campaign and discover how they can help make our highways safer for everyone."

The StickieBalls Universal Safety Kit is a vehicle mounting kit for mobile devices that can be used with any cell phone, tablet, GPS, Kindle or other mobile device.

The Kit has been designed to provide safer phone use while driving, by safely and securely affixing the user's mobile device to the vehicle's dashboard, allowing hands-free talking without the need for an expensive Bluetooth connection. The phone rests on a powerful swiveling magnetic ball capable of 360 degree rotation. The device remains within the driver's reach yet keeps driving safe.

Mr. Simonds commented on the fact that StickieBalls are precision engineered for durability. "In our testing, the first thing users noticed when they opened the box was just how heavy the StickieBall was", said Simonds. "The chrome plated ball housed in its plastic pedestal is over an inch in diameter and is made of solid steel. The magnetic rotatable disk is precision machined out of a solid block of stainless steel."

The StickieBall pedestal is firmly anchored to the vehicle by industrial strength 3M Brand double-sided tape. The StickieBall Universal Safety Kit comes with two metal disks for the back of users' devices so they can attach either of two different devices to the magnetic base. It also comes with an additional 3M tape disk and a handy alcohol-wipe to clean the surface before it is attached to the device(s). Additional metal disks are available in a StickieBall Spare Parts Kit.

Product testing has shown the magnet causes no damage to the electronics in devices such as phones, GPS units, or tablets and that battery life is not affected.

Focus groups were consulted to test the merits of StickieBalls. In addition to the obvious automotive uses, several ideas came from that testing, such as using StickieBalls on the side of a cabinet in the kitchen; affixing StickieBalls to the side of a computer monitor, attaching a phone to a wheelchair or other mobility device, placing a 'Kindle' out of reach of little ones but still allowing video viewing; adding a video screen to the rear seats of the family SUV; attaching a TV remote, and more.

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