SMD Announces Relaunch of Website


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- One of the most trusted names in the segments of bodybuilding guidance and performance enhancing drugs, has announced the relaunch of its website. The website was recently upgraded with the best of social media practices and devoted sections on health, fitness, sports, and bodybuilding.

The site also features guidance on bodybuilding supplements, muscle building workouts, steroid profiles and cycles, dosage charts, anabolic steroids, and anti-estrogens besides having sections on tips to make the best use of steroids, performance enhancing supplements, and other drugs. This is intended to make visitors aware of the latest findings, studies, and research related to these drugs. In addition to this, the website is now empowered with precise search engine techniques and smooth navigation that would help site visitors find solutions to all their queries with just a few clicks.

A spokesman for SMD said, "We have revamped our site to create and nurture better levels of understanding and awareness about anabolic cycles for men, anabolic cycles for women, tips on weight loss, ways to gain muscles, types of steroids, side effects of steroid abuse, bulking cycles and drugs, cutting cycles and drugs, etc. Moreover, our customers would now be able to buy performance enhancing drugs online in a very easy and secured way. We have also ensured that website viewing experiences of our esteemed customers satisfy their expectations. In addition to this, we have also included sections on steroid cycles, stacking, steroid profiles, weight loss, muscle mass gains, bodybuilding tips, and how to increase body strength that were demanded by some of our loyal customers."

About SMD
SMD is a popular information portal for common and elite athletes to create and nurture improved levels of awareness about anabolic androgenic steroids, bodybuilding supplements, muscle building drugs, and other performance enhancing drugs. Characterized by a distinctive layout, unique content, and dynamic graphics, the website of the company aims to educate existing and potential users of performance improvement drugs so that they can easily avoid anabolic steroid abuse and side effects of these extremely potent drugs.