SME's Cannot Afford Training Time Out - Dynamiq Consultants Solve Your Problem

With clients asking more and more for shorter training sessions Dynamiq Consultants tested a unique style of training programme. It has been found to have greater impact than a 4 day course.


South Yorkshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- Dynamiq Consultants have a way of learning that is proving cost effective and gives quick results that are reflected on the bottom line.

These are short input sessions on key topics. Just 1½ hours - previously delivered over 4 days. But these sessions are supported by carefully developed learning materials, 1 to 1 coaching, email and phone contact.

Dynamiq Consultants have found many clients saying “we just can’t afford to release people over that length of time but they need the skills desperately”.

So they changed the approach. Dynamiq are now delivering tutor led sessions of just 1½ hours – where they previously delivered them over 4 days. All the attendees of these sessions are then personally supported by carefully developed learning materials, 1 to 1 coaching, email and phone contact.

The support they have given people is highly personalised and has therefore had an immediate impact in their own workplace.

So far they have introduced this technique in three skill areas - account management skills, negotiating skills and influencing skills.

These have been undertaken with two Dynamiq clients: SEAMS, an increasingly successful asset management company based in Sheffield, and also in Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust a local hospital.

Both of these clients are really busy but need to introduce and consolidate new skills quickly and effectively, and need to demonstrate a return on investment.

Their people have different levels of experience and aptitude and, with this effective programme of personal support, Dynamiq have been able to address their individual needs.

Ian Flemming, CEO of Dynamiq Consulting, said “We are going to continue to develop this approach which clearly our clients have valued. The feedback is very positive. We will continue to measure the long term impact it has had and refine it further.”

Sue Jones, Development manager at SEAMs, said “Ian very quickly built up a relationship with each and every one of the individuals, and in so doing not only geared the course to meet their needs but also turned any scepticism into a positive approach to the future. SEAMS are very happy to recommend Dynamiq’s services to other companies.”

About Dynamiq Consultants
Dynamiq are a Sheffield business consultancy specializing in training in negotiation skills and high value selling skills. One of the leading training providers in South Yorkshire for communication skills training in business.

Experienced in helping clients achieve specific business outcomes, particularly complex high value sales and negotiations. With a strong track record, Dynamiq Consultants gain a full and comprehensive understanding of your business, resulting in visible business growth for our clients and a clear return on investment.

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