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SMF to WordPress Forum Migration with New Possible Features from CMS2CMS

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Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- CMS2CMS - an automated CMS and forum migration service made improvements in SMF to WordPress forum migration process. With this service, new types of content can be migrated now from Simple Machines Forum to WordPress, in order to make migration experience even more pleasurable.

Automated CMS and forum migration service, CMS2CMS, developed new features to facilitate the process of migration from SMF to bbPress, the forum plugin of WordPress. Now it is possible to migrate SMF forum to the test site on WordPress, in order to check service in action. To save clients’ time and efforts, CMS2CMS offers them 4 types of support service packages and the free migration assistance

New Options for SMF to bbPress Forum Migration

Migration to the test site

If the CMS2CMS client decided to check out service in action, but does not have the target site yet, he can migrate a part of the current site with free demo migration to the test site. The data from the test site will be deleted in 7 days automatedly, or in case of request can be removed immediately

Migration Estimator

Migration Estimator calculates the cost of migration with CMS2CMS. To estimate the price of particular migration drag the slider and indicate the number of threads on the discussion board which you want to migrate.

Types of Content Converted from SMF to WordPress


After the migration procedure with CMS2CMS, the hierarchy and relations between the forum items are kept.

Forum Posts/Replies

All the post data can be moved from SMF to bbPress including information such as author, content, subject, attachments, publishing date, etc.

Forum Threads/Topics

Titles, content, author, publishing date will appear in the new forum platform, as well.

Forum Users

User migration Includes the import of all data: username, email, personal details, registration date, signature, subscription, ranks.

Forum Polls

Forum polls can be migrated automatedly to the new platform.

Distinctive Features of Automated Forum Migration with CMS2CMS


The service provides automated migration of websites or forums, so the whole process is brief, swift and excludes any manual work. CMS2CMS is a web-based service so there won’t be any additional load for the computer as well.

Time Saving - 15 Min Procedure

With CMS2CMS, the conversion takes only a few mouse clicks in the migration wizard and 15 minutes on average for the whole migration of forum

Free Demo Available

To test the service, there is a Free Demo Migration available. It allows to migrate up to 10 pages for free from the source website to the target one, and see how the data will look on a new webpage. Free demo is included in CMS2CMS migration wizard, as an important step of the migration setup, but it might be skipped.

This migration utility can convert forum or website directly to the new platform rapidly and accurately. For more information on SMF to WordPress migration go to:

CMS2CMS is automated migration service, which allows to convert website from one CMS platform to another and supports data migration between different forum platforms. The main purpose of this service is to import your webpage automatedly after a couple of easy steps with no coding or software installation.

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