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Smith Publicity Offers Tips for Marketing Children's Books


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2018 -- As a publicity company that regularly utilizes strong book publishing marketing strategies, Smith Publicity is offering tips for marketing children's books in a blog post on their website. Smith Publicity works with published authors across all genres to promote and sell their work. For children's books, in particular, there are specific strategies to get the author's name out there.

Children's books require different marketing tactics than other book genres. Since children can't buy the books, the publicity needs to be geared toward grandparents, parents, and teachers. So to reach the children, who are the end users of these books, marketers need to get the attention of the people in the middle who will ultimately purchase them.

First, authors should begin locally and reach out to bookstores and libraries in their area. They can inquire about book signings, events, and "local authors" sections. Another great place to advertise is in schools. Authors can give away books, develop a compelling presentation, and leave order forms for teachers and parents.

When they go to local venues and events to market their children's books, authors should always get photos of themselves interacting with people, signing books, and speaking. Photos draw people's attention and are a strong media tool. Newspapers, blogs, and other outlets may be more compelled to write about an author's event if pictures are available.

Ultimately, Smith Publicity recommends that authors begin marketing their children's books locally in interactive and unique ways. Children's book authors can learn more about these strategies by visiting the Smith Publicity blog.

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