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Smith Publicity Offers Tips on Improving Holiday Book Sales


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2018 -- Throughout their over 20 year history of the book publicity industry, Smith Publicity has always understood the need to strategize and prepare for a book campaign. And although the calendar reads September, the author marketing company is currently offering tips for boosting holiday book sales.

Books can make for the ideal holiday gift. Not only are they easy to buy and affordable, but because they typically require a knowledge of the receiver's interests, they offer a personal touch. And since the holidays are a time when books sales tend to spike, it's crucial for writers to prepare to capitalize on this season.

For instance, the holiday season sparks the creation of gift guides in many newspapers, magazines, and online outlets. These make for an excellent and unique opportunity for a writer to pitch their book and get included in the guide. And while there are some print magazines that look for gift guide recommendations as early as August, there are many other online publications that allow entries as late as a few days before the holidays.

Another way to increase holiday book sales is to offer something special, like a signed and gift-wrapped copy of the book sold directly from the writer's website. Additionally, selling the book from their own website can allow writers to set special holiday prices, unlike with online retailers who charge a percentage of the profits.

As part of their promotional efforts, writers should be charitable, announcing that they will make a donation to a specific charity that they name. Not only should they follow through with this contribution, but writers need to be prepared to post proof of this, such as a copy of the donation check or a thank you letter from the charity.

Attending events where their book would be a welcome addition is another way authors can boost holiday book sales. Offering signed books at reduced prices can be perfect to create a buzz at local libraries, places of worship, civic organizations, and schools. Donating them to local jail and prison libraries is another way to get them into the hands of more people to enjoy them.

Sending ten copies of a book to distributors for favorite stores like Walmart, Hallmark, and even independent bookstores can be a creative way to take a chance of getting them to carry it in their stores. There's no risk in trying this strategy, and it could yield significant results.

As the expert author publicist firm, Smith Publicity professionally manages and promotes their clients' book campaigns, all with proven results in this niche industry. By using these tactics, writers can increase holiday book sales and create interest in their works.

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