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Smith & Smith Is Excited to Announce re.bag - the First Bag Made from Your Own Jeans

re.bag is the first individually customized bag. Each bag is a 'one-of-a-kind' bag, perfectly designed from purchasers' own used jeans.


Basel, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- The truly innovative concept behind re.bag is its recycling of the purchaser's own used jeans. Consumers who have a pair of jeans which are badly worn or simply do not fit are encouraged not to throw those old jeans away, but rather to send them in to Smith & Smith. Their design team and manufactures will use those old jeans to create a customized, chic, practical, sturdy, and completely unique re.bag. The end result is a product crafted from personal emotions and memories. It is not only recycling, but up-cycling as it its best.

Stylish people who want to stand out of the crowd should put re.bag on the top of the Wish List.

When asked how such an innovative idea was launched, Smith & Smith's inventor of the re.bag, Nicole Schmidt, stated "I began working on the plan over a year ago. When my much loved pants became too torn to wear, I didn't want to throw them away, so I have contemplated how to reuse them. And then the idea of making a cool and chic looking bag just hit me. This was the birth of the re.bag."

re.bag features various styles, including the "Gym Bag" and the "Shopper". "I've made various styles and have sewn lots of samples which became my preferred bags that I use daily. In partnership with a textile factory, the style was further developed and improved with some clever details."

Customers can choose from an array of colors in order to personalize the look. re.bag is truly a product that will become the consumer's daily 'go to' bag.

Smith & Smith's stated goal is to bring new ideas to life with the hope to inspire with its innovative products. With the launch of their first product, re.bag, they have taken great strides to reach that goal. re.bag has already been a hit, receiving excellent reviews from early adopting consumers.

About Smith & Smith
Smith & Smith manufactures from a small bustling factory located in Switzerland that sets a high value on top quality manufacturing. All materials required to be used in crafting each individual re.bag have been carefully selected and are ready to order.

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