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Smithfield Medical Spa Warns Against the Dangers of Tanning Beds


Smithfield, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- Thinking about going to the tanning salon to jumpstart your summer tan? Evolve Medical Spa would like you to think again for the dangers are extremely high.

Evolve Medical Spa is a Smithfield med spa, helping clients improve their health, appearance and overall well-being. They offer a wide variety of medical spa treatments, in addition to providing their clients with pharmaceutical grade skin care products and years of experience to insure you’re on (and stay on) the right path to healthy skin.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tanning beds are human carcinogens and are directly related to skin cancer. Even the supposed ‘safe’ tanning beds aren’t safe enough to protect your skin from the harmful lights and wavelengths.

“The only way to truly protect your skin is to avoid tanning beds at all costs,” said Melonie Mosley, a licensed medical aesthetician at Evolve Medical Spa. “Tanning beds are directly linked to melanoma, one of the most dangerous forms of skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology has stated that tanning bed users have a 75% increased risk of melanoma than those who don’t use tanning beds.”

Not only are the effects of tanning beds linked to melanoma, but also to premature aging. The UVA rays in tanning beds produce longer wavelengths that damage the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. This damage then leads to premature aging which includes wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, saggy skin, and other unwanted beauty issues.

Tanning beds can also cause eye damage and acne, and weaken the immune system. “It’s best to just avoid the tanning bed altogether and embrace your skin’s natural beauty” said Mosley.

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