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E-cigarettes are a growing industry all over the world. Online portals sell and review these e-cigarette brands for theirpotential consumers but noexpertopinions are available on their long term impact for consumers.


Colfax, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- Electronic cigarettes as the name suggests are the electronic version of a cigarette that is a battery-operated product.The effects and its distinct flavour are inhaled by the consumer using an e-cig which converts the liquid into vapours.

Experts have been vociferouslydebatingand discussing about the safety and efficacy of the e-cigarettes.But there is no scientific analysis available that can tell the consumers about the long term effects of e-cigarettes. So how does a consumer determine whether e-cigarettes are safe and what quantities of nicotine or other harmful chemicals are being inhaled during each use of this product.

Some detractors say thate-cigarettes can actually attract more young people to succumb to the bad habit of smoking and thus instead of deterring theunhealthy habit might promote it further.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued someelectronic cigarettes FDA warningto a few distributors of e-cigarettes for violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 2010.Since then the FDA has even been deliberating on a ban on online sales of e-cigarettes suggested by some. FDA had warned the consumers of e-cigs about a fewhealth risks they could have in cases of long term use., The opinions of major e-cigarette manufacturers has also been soughtto design apt regulations for the industry.

Online-sales ban is the focus of such discussions because FDA wants to ensure that necessary measures are taken to prevent e-cigarettes from getting easily tominors.The levels of harmful substances are lower in the e-cigarette emissions than in conventional cigarette smoke, but they can accumulate indoor. Experts say that in special conditions like many people using e-cigarettes in a closed space at the same time, can cause indoor air pollution and may cause harmful second-hand exposure

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