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Smoke Green Electronic Cigarettes Provide Genuine Smoking Experience Without Cancer Risk


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2012 -- In an age of growing environmental awareness and increasingly health-conscious consumers, the phrase going green has been adopted by a broad range of industries. Going green represents a shift from a purely profitable business to a responsible business, benefitting the environment as well as consumer health. Of the consumer products affected by this shift to green, none may have provided a more important health benefit to consumers than the advent of electronic cigarettes.

For centuries men and women across the globe have relied on cigarettes to take the edge off, yet over time the cigarette regressed from iconic status to a major health risk. Today, to the delight of many, the technology employed by electronic cigarettes has removed the health risks associated with traditional cigarettes, and a growing number of health-conscious consumers are turning to electronic cigarettes as the healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes.

In the spirit of going green, it is no surprise that many have found what they are looking for in Smoke Green, Ireland’s premium electronic cigarette retailer.

According to a spokesperson, “Smoke Green’s electronic cigarettes provide a genuine smoking experience saving consumers over € 1,900 per year” (based on a 20 per day consumer).

More importantly, Smoke Green electronic cigarettes have no cancer-causing chemicals, toxins, or bad odours. Boasting the most sophisticated vapour-based electronic cigarettes on the market today, Smoke Green’s flavours include tobacco, menthol, coffee, and apple, each of which are available for consumers in five nicotine strengths.

The retailer’s website,, provides quick and convenient access to a wide variety of product information. Purchase Smoke Green products through their online shop, review frequently asked questions, and see Katherine Heigl, David Letterman and Johnny Depp demonstrate using electronic cigarettes. Each product is displayed with high quality digital imagery, a short description and in most cases a useful guide to the cost savings against traditional cigarettes.

Smoke Green has come a long way since 2008, when the retailer first began offering top quality electronic cigarettes. They were the first brand to introduce the groundbreaking two-part design, making electronic cigarettes much easier for the average consumer to use. Additionally, the company has recently started offering a lifetime warranty on its batteries purchased online.

About Smoke Green Electronic Cigarettes
Smoke Green is an Ireland-based retailer of high quality electronic cigarettes. Smoke Green electronic cigarettes provide consumers with a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes at significant cost savings. Interested consumers can shop and buy online at, or visit one of Smoke Green’s many convenient Dublin kiosks.